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In spite of our up and coming stature in a very competitive Plumbing and tiling industry in South Africa, we have managed to stand out as reliable specialists who always get the job done. At the moment, we are highly sought-after by residents and businesses around Freestate to help them with various plumbing issues. Here are some of the main services that we are very good at.

Plumbing Fixtures Installations and Repairs

In the modern world, it would be very hard for a home, business, or industry to function when its drain system is out of order. Usually, most plumbing issues are as a result of faulty fixtures and fittings like faucets, showerheads, the toilet’s flush valve e.t.c. Fortunately, all you have to do to get your plumbing system back on track is a little repair or replacement of these parts. And, that is where we come in – the most reliable plumbers in Bethlehem, Freestate. We can easily get you high-quality plumbing parts to install on your property at a very affordable fee. Having spent years learning and mastering different drain systems, we are better placed to know which parts need replacements and which ones are to be repaired and re-installed.

Domestic Tiling

When it comes to tiling, you can rely on us to help you pick the best tiles and ideal installation style for certain spaces inside the home. We are very familiar with ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles, and a host of other domestic tiling materials in Bethlehem, Freestate. All we need is for you to tell us about your needs so that we can work out the perfect fit to install on the wall or floor of your home.  Our tilers are very good listeners and hold the reputation for always paying attention to detail. Therefore, if you need a tile installer who will provide you with high quality and personalized domestic tiling solutions then you are in the right place.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

There comes a time when it is almost inevitable that you change the design of your bathroom and kitchen. Whether it is solely due to technical requirements or aesthetic values, you need a certified contractor to help you work out the details and come up with a one of a kind finish. Here in Bethlehem, Freestate, you need not look any further than our fully qualified plumbers and tilers. We are a team of committed construction experts with a lot of experience in kitchen and bathroom renovation services, and we are readily available to start working on your project.

First, we will need to get as much information as possible regarding the renovation to help us draw a great plan. After which, we will execute the plan to the latter. Things like fittings and other essential equipment will be sourced by our plumber from reputable dealers at low prices. Don’t worry about time schedule, cost, or expenses because we are very good at getting the job done on time and on budget.

Emergency Services

Our experienced plumbers and tilers are always working round the clock in case you need an expert to look into your drain system after office hours. We respond quickly to emergency callouts from our esteemed clients around Freestate, and ensure we leave them with durable drainage solutions to prevent any future malfunctions. As for the wall or floor tiling service, we will work with you to come up with the perfect tiles to install in your house. In the end, you will hardly experience plumbing problems and the tiling installations will have your home looking all new and stylish, thereby boosting its curb appeal.

Drain Clearing

Septic tanks in homes and commercial properties can only hold so much waste. It is our job as professional plumbers in Bethlehem to help you clear the filled tanks so that you don’t end up with a clogging problem. However, you first have to give us a call on (+27)71-731-3666. Talk to our team and they will gladly come to handle all the dirty work while you focus on other things like coming up with the service fee.


services offered

The services offered include:

1. Plumbing Installations and Repairs
2. Drain Pipe Replacement
3. Leak Detection
4. Geyser Installation
5. Sewer Line Unclogging
6. Domestic Tiling
7. Bathroom Renovations
8. Drain Laying
9. Septic Tank Cleaning
10. Plumbing Fixture Maintenance
11. Tile Restoration
12. Wall and Floor Tiling
13. Swimming Pool Tiling

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What our clients say

Who we are

We are an up and coming company that is solely focused on being the leading plumbers in Bethlehem, Freestate and its environs. Our master plumber Mr. Godfrey Tarambiwa, a celebrated technician with over 22 years of hands-on experience in the plumbing and construction field started the company to fill the shortage of qualified drain experts and tilers. That was around 4 years ago and so far we have grown to the extent where we can confidently handle large plumbing and tiling projects in industries and institutions. There are more skilled plumbers on the team, and we have also invested heavily in state of the art machinery and equipment to enhance our service delivery.


Being a goal-driven and expertise oriented company, we are constantly updating ourselves on new technological advancements and practices in the plumbing and tiling industry. This helps us to provide services that are not only 100% satisfactory to the client, but also meet the set industry standards. We are the type of professionals who don’t just focus on getting the job done but want to get it done perfectly so that any deep-rooted issues are solved, thus preventing recurring malfunctions which only cost you a lot of unnecessary expenses. Before we start working on any project, our licensed plumbers and insured tilers Bethlehem take time to talk to clients about their plumbing needs and tiling requirements so that we can all be on the same page. We will then outline our recommendations and the best way to deliver remarkable finishes.


Unlike most of our competitors, we are always available whenever you need us. We show up on time for appointments and never compromise on our high level of professionalism no matter how big or small the project is. All clients are treated equally, but the services and rates are usually customized depending on the needs and budget of an individual. You can request for your free quote today just to be sure. There are no hidden costs and expenses when you deal with our trustworthy plumbers in Bethlehem, Freestate.

Call our Qualified Freestate Plumbers Today on (+27)71-731-3666


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To reach our professional plumbers and tilers in Bethlehem, Freestate, call our hotline or send an email by filling the contact form below. Tell us about issues affecting your residential drain system so that we can know exactly where to start with the repairs. Our tilers are also available 24/7 to talk to you about the wide range of tiling materials and styles we can install in your residential or commercial property.

Our employees are ranked among the most reliable drainage and tiling specialists Freestate has to offer, despite the company being around for only four years. This just goes to show how committed and determined we are to help homeowners and businesses in Bethlehem gain control of their drain system. Harmony Plumbing and Construction Freestate is a customer-oriented company that is solely focused on delivering the best plumbing and tiling solutions at very competitive rates.

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